Listen: The dial-up modem choir


Eee-oo, eee-oo SHHHHHH

We love the nostalgic sound of 90s dial-up modems – so we decided to sing it. Because why not

90 nostalgia is big right now in pop. But nostalgia, it is said, comes in many packages. This was the soundtrack to our 1990s: the sweet, sweet sound of a dial-up modem c. 1998. Who doesn’t remember singing along to this?

We decided to make our own, musical homage to the glorious sound of dial-up internet.


We created the visualisation of the sound frequencies made during a dial-up connection using a free, open-source program called Sonic Visualiser, which was developed by the clever people at Queen Mary, University of London.

We converted a visualisation into a musical score using Sibelius 7 before adding our own libretto and performance directions. Our score is available for download, free, from here.

The Modem Choir- full score


We think that Sonic Visualiser offers a brilliant opportunity for musicians, developers and basically anyone who likes sounds and pretty pictures to get up close and personal with audio.

This was a super fun project and shows that basically any noise can be converted into music. Why not have a go yourself, and see what you can come up with?