Google launch Chrome Music Lab


12 new audio-visual experiments

A new open-source project from Google lets developers manipulate sound and music

Today Google launched a cool new website that encourages users to experiment with visual representations of sound and music.

Chrome Music Lab was developed to mark the US National Association for Music Education’s Music in Schools month. In a blog post published this morning, the design team said it wanted to use the internet to make learning about music ‘a bit more accessible to everyone’.

We hope these experiments inspire you – whether they give you a new perspective on music, make you more curious about math and science, or even make you think of new ways to teach or code.

Users can interact with 12 audio-visual experiments ranging from 3D visualisations of sound to chord builders and oscillators. The experiments work in any browser on mobile, tablet and desktop: find your favourite at, or check out this great post on Medium by Eric Rosenbaum, who helped develop the project.

All of the experiments were built using the Web Audio API, an open web standard developed by W3C that lets users create and manipulate sound in their browser. Each is built on open-source code that developers can use to build new games based on the originals.

Today also saw the launch of a new Google Doodle that uses the same technology to celebrate the life of theremin player Clara Rockmore.

— Google (@google) March 9, 2016

Rockmore – a talented musician who became a pioneer of electronic music when arthritis in her bow arm forced her to give up the violin – had great influence over the the development of Léon Theremin’s gesture-controlled electronic instrument and became its first true virtuoso.