Donald Trump shocks reporters by singing opera


Carmen soon to the White House?

GOP hopeful Donald Trump reveals his love of opera – and a surprisingly fine baritone voice – on the campaign trail

Donald Trump last night signalled his intention to ‘Make Opera Great Again’ in a hitherto unexpected demonstration of support for the arts in America.

The US presidential hopeful surprised both reporters and members of his own campaign team yesterday in Wisconsin by responding to a question about foreign policy with an impromptu performance of ‘The Toreador Song’ from Bizet’s 1875 opera, Carmen.

His performance, which met with delighted applause from the floor, revealed a fine baritone voice and excellent command of the French language – despite claims made by the businessman-turned-politician just minutes earlier that he ‘wouldn’t rule out nuking Europe‘.

Trump declined to answer further questions after the performance, stating: ‘I alone can sing.’

The international opera community has responded cautiously to the revelations, with Orlando Furioso, CEO of Wisconsin Opera, telling reporters last night that he ‘knew the arts needed a political boost, but seriously?’