Social media and the election

Why we won’t be making anything funny this week.

Why we won’t be making anything funny this week.

Tomorrow is the day of the election. (Today is June 7th 2017)  In times such as this, social media functions very differently to how we’d usually expect. Facebook becomes a blur of political news feeds, strong opinions and shared articles, and the changes in algorithms means that every blog link, each video, and every post has ten times more competition for attention.

In our experience the worst possible time to post anything interesting (that’s not about politics) is from today, until two weeks time. During this period, the election is the most important thing on our minds.

Even a casual comedy image, encouraging the viewer to vote for a viola, for example, would be a waste of resources and energy. Such a photo would be unlikely to be seen or noticed on Facebook or Twitter, and without a clear reason behind it, there would be nothing to be gained. (Our aim of course is to promote classical music, culture and technology.)

So we decided against making such a thing.

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