Basement Orchestra

Who wants to play in the basement?

Who wants to play in the basement?

“So you can handle a full orchestra, glitter, sounds of unheard beauty, nachos AND a megaparty in 1 night? Prove it.”

We are very fortunate in the UK. There are over fifty quality, professional orchestras playing classical music, and hundreds of amateur orchestras with varying levels of quality, from complete beginners to semi-professionals. There are also modern professional orchestras such as the London Metropolitan Orchestra, doing film and television scores and popular music; and the Heritage Orchestra, collaborating with present-day artists from the mainstream and experimental worlds of music and art.

And there are completely original orchestras that fill all those spaces in between.

One of our favourites is London’s Basement Orchestra, who are resident at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston.

“Basement Orchestra is a voluntary orchestra based in East London, with a mission to bring orchestral music to unexpected places and to new people.”

They have the versatility to be able to perform a Mozart symphony infused with a David Bowie theatrical tribute, or support a squelchy funk band in a club with a performance of some Debussy. They have played a series of Beethoven and Mozart compositions as part of a death match, with actors dressed up in full period costume, and they’ve performed in an abandoned tower block in Croydon as part of a Secret Cinema screening. This orchestra manages to make orchestral music more accessible, without trying too hard to be cool.

Concerts are joyous, extravagant, and occasionally riotous events, however when they perform the classical works, it’s done expressively, musically, and thoughtfully.

This Saturday Basement Orchestra performs in Clapham: tickets are available here.

“Start the night with some lush twentieth-century music featuring Sibelius, Hendrik Andriessen and Richard Rodney Bennett; then ease yourself into the sublime with some classic Gershwin ballads.

After the last note is played, get your dancing shoes on and stick around for a truly legendary Saturday night party at The Grand…

As well as the gorgeous sounds to treat your ears, there will be tasty finger food available and a full bar to get you in the mood.”

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