Bach to the future: classical composers go hipster

I'm bringing sexy Bach

Ever wondered how someone like Bach might look if he were born in the modern age? Here we’ve given four world-famous composers contemporary makeovers…

We’ve already examined Kanye’s 19th century counterpart, now we’re exploring how the 21st century could have shaped these classical composers.

Bach the hipster

Bach gets a lumberjack beard with a pompadour haircut and the epitome of the hipster look, the handlebar moustache. He swaps out his dated manuscript for an iPad mini and uses the Henle Library app to mark up his digital score.

Debussy the top knotter

Debussy grows his hair out for a very hipster topknot and also receives a stylish pair of horn rimmed half-frame glasses – nice!

Buzz cut Beethoven

Beethoven dramatically shaves off his wild greying locks for a far cooler buzz cut style. He swaps out his paper score and pencil for an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to complete the modernisation process.

The Handelbar

Handel decides that his long white curls absolutely have to go and shaves off the whole lot! Thinking he may have been little hasty, he dons a trendy flat cap and reorganises a hand full of his curly locks to under his nose to create a big, bushy handlebar moustache. The finishing touch is an ultra hipster wooden pipe, making his look too hot to Handel.

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