Top 5 live orchestra film screenings in 2016

Soundtracks brought to life

Film soundtracks are being brought to life with live orchestral screenings!

Music has long had a dramatic impact on how we experience film, so having a live orchestra playing the soundtrack surely must be the ultimate cinematic experience.

A live accompaniment allows you to fully appreciate the power of the orchestra, and its gigantically important role in the cinematic world that we sometimes take for granted.

Film screenings with live orchestra are now popping up all around the world, here are our top 5…

5. Kung Fu Panda

Dreamworks have recently been screening their classic animations such as Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda alongside their original scores.  The chance to hear America’s National Symphony Orchestra play compositions by such greats as Hans Zimmer, John Powell and Alexandre Desplat is not to be missed!

4. Amadeus

For any classical music buff this one is a must. Forman’s Amadeus – the most acclaimed film ever made about classical music, and winner of eight Academy Awards, will be brought to vivid life at the Royal Albert HallAcademy of St Martin in the Fields, who recorded the original film soundtrack, will perform it live together with the Philharmonia Chorus. We can’t wait!

3. Frozen


Frozen is a phenomenon, but fans have never before had the chance to experience anything like this. That joyous slice of Disney escapism screened with a full concert orchestra bringing to life the incredible score is truly magical.

2. Jurassic Park


The 1993 epic blockbuster is being screened in stunning high-definition on a giant screen at London’s Royal Albert Hall whilst John Williams’ classic score is played live on stage by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, conducted by Ludwig Wicki.

1. Back to the Future


Great Scott! You can now see McFly and Doc Brown reaching 88mph on a giant hi-def screen with a full symphony orchestra performing Alan Silvestri’s dazzling musical score live alongside the movie. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Live orchestral accompaniment intensifies the emotion, making the film far more dramatic. There is nothing separating the music from the listener. No recording studio, no production, no pumping it through speakers. Just the instruments, the musicians and the conductor playing the music directly into your ears.

You can visualise the orchestra in a new and unique way with our app The Orchestra.

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