Can you feel it? 3 inventions you can hear with your body

3 amazing wearable tech inventions that let you “feel” the music

These three inventions bring music to the deaf, the club experience to your home and a way to keep in time by literally feeling the beat. Is there more to sound than hearing? Apparently so…

1. The Sound Shirt

The Sound Shirt turns music into touch sensations which enables deaf people to feel the music they cannot hear.

The London-based tech-fashion firm CuteCircuit allowed classical music to be experience by deaf  people for the first time. The Sound Shirt is filled with actuators, which are little motors that vibrate in relation to the intensity of the music being played.

“The deeper, heavier bass notes [activate the actuators] down in lower parts of torso, and the lighter sections, like violin and lighter notes, further up on the body, around the neck area and clavicle. As they’re watching the orchestra, they can see certain areas are more active than others; they feel sound waves in specific areas of the body, and within a few minutes understand there is a correlation.”

The reactions from the deaf participants who tested out the Sound Shirt were incredible and shows that there is a lot more to hearing than… hearing!

2. The SubPac

The SubPac is a very similar concept to the Sound Shirt but focuses on the bass frequencies; so when you want to feel the bass – and I mean REALLY feel it – you don’t have to be out at a club in front of a giant pair of speakers.

Wherever you are, you can strap into the SubPac and feel the bass pumping through your body whilst being totally quiet to the outside world. Talk about bringing the bass!

And finally…

3. Soundbrenner Pulse

This piece of tech is reinventing the metronome. It straps onto your wrist like a watch and powerful vibrations allow you to feel the beat (literally) like never before!

The Soundbrenner Pulse creators promise it will not only help you play with rock-solid precision, but that it will be a metronome experience you will actually enjoy!

These inventions really challenge perceptions on how we experience sound – music isn’t just something we hear with our ears, but something we feel all over our bodies.

But can you see sound? Here at Amphio we experimented with creating visuals with our voices – see how we got on here.

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