Fun with spectrograms: how to create images with music

'You look EXACTLY like birds'

Move over, Aphex Twin! We created a piece of music that appears as a recognisable image on its own spectrogram – here’s how

If you’ve been following our series of music tech video experiments lately, you’ll know that we’re seriously into Sonic Visualiser: a nifty piece of free, open-source software developed by the clever people at QMUL’s Centre for Digital Music. This week we’ve had fun making lots of lovely spectrograms: visual representations of audio information.

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We had even more fun once we realised that you can alter the sound of music by doodling on its spectrogram. It got us thinking: could we make it work the other way around and compose a piece of music that forms an image on its own spectrogram?

Yes, yes we could.

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