‘Penguin’ tenor apologises for viral opera video

‘Don’t sing opera. Trust me, the penguins don’t like it.’

‘Don’t try to copy me’ : tenor Nick Allen’s YouTube plea after viral video is challenged by conservationists

An opera singer whose viral video showed him serenading penguins in Antarctica has removed the footage from YouTube, following complaints from an Antarctic tourism organisation.

As we reported last week, Nick Allen was working as an entertainer on a cruise vessel in Antartica when he decided to sing to some local penguins. After the penguins fled the scene in terror, footage captured by a fellow crew member quickly went viral.

However, last week the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) asked Nick to remove the footage from YouTube over fears it may encourage other people to upload similar videos.

Nick has taken to YouTube once more to make a public apology, imploring viewers not to make ‘the same mistake’ and vowing to give all the money he earned from licensing the video to conservation charities.

He said: ‘Antarctica is an amazingly special place. It was a privilege for me to go there, but unfortunately I didn’t treat it with the full respect that it deserves, and for that I am truly sorry. Please don’t make the same mistake I did.

‘If you ever are lucky enough to visit Antarctica, please don’t try to copy me. Listen to the experts that you’ll have with you, keep noise to a minimum, don’t sing opera. Trust me, the penguins don’t like it.’

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