The (un)official Eurovision scorecard for classical fans

Douze points!

Download the ‘alternative’ scorecard that will help sort the wheat from the chaff at this Saturday’s final

With the Eurovision 2016 Final in Stockholm just days away, the minds of classical music fans are focused on… well, let’s face it, lots of other things, really.

But while you may think that the opera-worthy levels of Eurovision campery aren’t for you, let’s not forget that the UK’s very first Eurovision entry act was an opera singer from Hull…

… and that one of the most Eurovision acts *of all time* was Mr Florin ‘Cezar’ Ouatu, a Romanian countertenor who caused several heads to explode in the 2013 Final.

Can you risk missing a classical Eurovision act like that this year?

No, we thought not. So we’ve prepared some special Eurovision 2016 scorecards to help you work out who to root for.


Download scorecard PDF for printing

Our alternative Eurovision scorecards contain the same essential marking criteria as the BBC’s official version – but we’ve included a few bonus points to help classical music lovers subject each act to a more rigorous critique.


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