Singer attempts to convert penguins to classical, fails

Run away! Run away!

Bringing the glory of the human voice to the heart of the Antarctic… or not

Professional tenor Nick Allen took advantage of a recent trip to Antarctica to bring his interpretation of ‘O sole mio’ (the traditional Neapolitan song popularised by Pavarotti) to a brand new audience.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go down too well.

Nick gave his impromptu recital in February whilst working as an entertainer aboard a cruise vessel in Antarctica. We caught up with up with him this week to get the full story of what happened when he ventured ashore that day.

‘I was on a trip with the ship’s nature expert and geologist, who had seen me performing on board the night before and suggested that I take the opportunity to do some singing while she filmed me,’ he explained. ‘Without thinking, I launched into “O Sole Mio”, which it seems the penguins didn’t much appreciate. In retrospect, perhaps I should have warmed them up with something a bit quieter.

Perhaps I should have warmed them up with something a bit quieter

‘My first reaction was guilt – the last thing I wanted was to be disrespectful. But when the expedition leader saw my video they just laughed, which made me feel better.

‘People talk about having a once-in-a-lifetime experience – well, this was it. I never expected to walk in Antarctica, let alone perform to a bunch of penguins.’

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