Musical instruments in slow motion

Crash... Bang... Wallop

This is what happens when you give an orchestra access to the same camera they use to photograph crash test dummies

We all know that music is composed of sounds, and that sound is caused by vibration, right? Well, here’s a selection of slow motion GIFs that will help you *really* understand the concept.

Behold the glorious pancake-osity of the mighty cymbal!

GIF of cymbal in slow motion - Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Check out the sheer volume of air on this violin‘s A string!

GIF of violin being played in slow motion - Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Marvel at the wibbliness of this low note on double bass!

GIF of Double bass in slow motion - Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Tremble in sync with this harp string! *BOING*

GIF of harp being played in slow motion - Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Stand in awe before the liquid surface of this snare drum!

GIF of snare drum in slow motion - Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Wonder at the internal workings of the humble vibraphone!

GIF of vibraphone being played in slow-motion - Toronto Symphony Orchestra
You can watch all of these instruments (plus a cheeky slo-mo trombone) in full, 1000-frames-per-second glory below, in a video produced earlier this year by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

The footage took pride of place at Science @ The Symphony, a concert planned in collaboration with the Ontario Science Centre that was designed to help students explore science through music.

The TSO’s players were filmed in studio using Phantom Flex – a type of camera more commonly used to record automotive crash tests. The results, as you’ll see, are stupendous.

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