The poster that lets you conduct with your phone

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Hold the phone: a new digital campaign encourages Budapest residents to try their hand at conducting one of the world’s finest orchestras

The Budapest Festival Orchestra last month unveiled a number of interactive posters that invite passersby to ‘be the conductor’– via their smartphones.

After a quick lesson in how to use your phone as a baton, you’re ready to ‘conduct’ video footage of the orchestra in action, with the tempo of your movements dictating the tempo of the orchestra.

Those brave enough to take up the very public challenge are applauded warmly by players at the end of their performance  and also receive a generous discount to the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s next concert.

The people behind the campaign, Hungarian ad agency Isobar, say the posters are designed to appeal to a generation of Hungarians who are attending classical concerts more and more infrequently.

Early data suggests that the posters attracted around 600 users each in their first week. Iwill be interesting to see how many of those users will complete their journey into the concert hall: watch this space.


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