Christina Aguilera Facebook masterclass hits bum note

A-ha veyma ree hee hee hee ya

The pop singer’s recent video tutorial on how to sing high notes met with vocal opposition on Facebook

Here’s a tip for pop singers: if you’re going to post advice online about how to sing well, you’d better hope it isn’t discovered by classically-trained singers.

A recent video masterclass by multi award-winning artist Christina Aguilera fell foul of classical critics this weekend, with dozens of trained singers taking to Facebook to find fault with her vocal technique and teaching style.

The Secret to Hitting High Notes from Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass.

Posted by Christina Aguilerа on Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Despite Aguilera’s real and much-publicised ability to hit the high notes in performance, Facebook users were quick to point out that the highest note demonstrated in her tutorial isn’t actually very high at all.

Screenshot of KR comment on Christina Aguilera vocal masterclass on Facebook

Screenshot of KN comment on Christina Aguilera vocal masterclass

Less than an octave above middle C, B4 can be sung easily by most women – and some men, too. It’s just one semitone higher, for example, than the highest note in the tune of ‘Hey Jude’, and more than an octave and a half lower than the famous high F sung by Mozart’s Queen of the Night in The Magic Flute.

Aguilera posted the video – entitled ‘The Secret to Hitting High Notes’ – to her Facebook page last week as a teaser for the launch of a forthcoming vocal series on

Unfortunately, she may as well have published a masterclass on ‘How NOT to advertise yourself as a singing tutor… to singing tutors’.

Joseph G comment on Christina Aguilera vocal masterclass on Facebook

Lindsey J comment on Christina Aguilera Facebook vocal masterclass

Brittany GV comment on Christina Aguilera Facebook vocal masterclass

Ouch! But other classically-trained Facebookers came to Aguilera’s defence.

Comment Facebook screenshot of Christina Aguilera Masterclass

Luke F comment on Christina Aguilera vocal masterclass

Ty MB comment on Christina Aguilera Facebook vocal masterclass

The Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing series will be released this spring on for a pre-order price of $90: watch the trailer here.

But before you part with any funds, we recommend that you check out a video produced by our incredibly talented Amphio colleague, Greg – himself the owner of an incredible vocal range.

What do you think – do the Facebook haters have a point, or are they just being mean? And is it even fair to compare pop and classical singing techniques?
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    • Amanda
    • 5 April, 2016

    How on earth does Greg get the top notes? Is he a dog? Or an alien? I suspect some foul play here….

    • Kc
    • 6 April, 2016

    She’s a pop singer. Belting and pushing your chest voice are part of the aesthetic. That’s what creates the attitude and the power. You’re not going to get that sound by using your head voice, like the classical coaches suggest.

    • Blah
    • 6 April, 2016

    Word KC!!! Uh, Christina has been singing like this for a long time and she’s doing fine!!! Belters are not always easy classical singers and classical singers are not always easy belters. Everyone’s body’s are diff and we grow up singing in different ways too, so some people have a more developed chest and mix than others. I am an opera singer and voice teacher, and yes Xtina is sound some crazy things vocally, but I would only change little things. Her voice is gritty and big and that’s who she wants to be as a singer! Now as far as being a vocal teacher maybe not:/ Ugh all these folks talking smack are why opera singers and vocal pedagogues get a bad wrap for being annoying buttsthat no one wants to be around!

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